Mandelsons, Mandelson's, Mendelsons, Mendelson's, Mandalsons, Mandalson's, Mendalsons, Mendalson's - guesthouse, hotel, motel, bed and breakfast. People often get confused how to spell our name, but once they have experienced the charms of its accommodation at Goulburn in NSW, they never forget us and often become frequent visitors.

So what is the history of the name...

The site of this house was first occupied by John Cole, who bought the property in 1837 from the Crown shortly after the planning of the Township by Robert Hoddle, Surveyor.

John Cole had built a hotel by 1839 which was subsequently purchased by Nathan Mandelson in 1840. “The Goulburn Hotel” became known for its excellence in style and hospitality.

The current owners named the building “Mandelson’s of Goulburn” after it had been known as Mulwaree Private Hotel in recent years.

Nathan Mandelson was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1805 and travelled to England where in 1830 he married Phoebe Cohen. The couple came to NSW in 1833 and three years later opened the “Hit or Miss Inn” at Bungonia.In 1840 Nathan purchased “The Goulburn Hotel” as well as two adjoining lots, pulled down the old structure and erected the two storey building we see today.

Nathan Mandelson set about making the hotel Goulburn’s premier social point, which can be seen in many advertisements he placed in the local Goulburn Herald. One such advertisement was placed on Saturday, August 9, 1851 and it read amongst other things:
To those Gentlemen and Families who have not yet visited THE GOULBURN HOTEL, Nathan Mandelson would beg to state that for extent of accommodation, privacy, comfort and convenience, the house stands unrivalled in Goulburn, and unsurpassed in the metropolis of Sydney.
(The above paragraph was taken from “A Collection of Facts” by IAN WOOD)

Mr Mandelson was an astute businessman who bought gold from Braidwood, Turon and other diggings in the 1850’s possibly for a syndicate. After one trip he and Samuel Davis arrived in Goulburn, from Braidwood, with 1000 ounces of Gold in their possession.

Further exerts taken from “A Collection of Facts” by Ian Wood:

On 27th December 1848 Nathan was appointed to the “Local Committee” formed to take into consideration the best means of co-operation with the Sydney Company for the formation of a Railway between Sydney and Goulburn. This local committee met each Friday at the “Goulburn Hotel”.

On 23rd January 1849 he was elected Treasurer of Goulburn Annual Races.

On 22nd March 1849 a public meeting was held at Mandelson’s Rooms of those people opposed to the revival of transportation of convicts to NSW.

On 31st May 1851 Nathan Mandelson - Treasurer to the subscribers - offered 200 Guineas to the first party who discovered a “Gold Field” in the police district of Goulburn.

On 27th December 1851 he advertised a new conveyance from Braidwood to Sydney:
                                             To the Lovers of Speed & Comfort
                                                      THE SHAMROCK
               will leave Goulburn for Sydney every MONDAY and THURSDAY mornings at
                       six o’clock, and arriving in Sydney every Tuesday and Friday evening.

On 8th April 1854 it was reported Mandelson was retiring and had let the Goulburn Hotel to J.J.Roberts of the Royal Hotel, Braidwood.

On 17th May 1858 The temporary office of the Electric Telegraph was opened at the Goulburn Hotel and the first telegram was sent by R.Craig on that date. The Goulburn Telegraph Office moved from Mandelson’s Hotel on 8th April 1861.

At the Annual Licensing Meeting in 1859 Mandelson was granted the License of the Goulburn Hotel and he resumed possession on 1st July 1859. By August 1859 Mandelson had put the hotel through a thorough renovation and re-furbishing including the laying on of gas to the various apartments and bedrooms. The hotel was described as “not to be surpassed - even in Sydney” by Goulburn Herald on 27.8.1859.

On 3rd July 1867 Nathan Mandelson died, very suddenly, aged 62 and the obituary was placed in the Goulburn Herald Saturday, July 6, 1867:
.......Mr. Mandelson himself was one of the oldest residents of the district, and owned considerable property in the town. He conducted the Goulburn Hotel for many years, and afterwards let it and went to live in Sydney; but being subsequently unable to get a tenant he once more returned to the hotel. The accommodation and attention under Mr. Mandelson’s care were such as to render this hotel noted throughout the southern districts; and it was always the stopping place of the judges when on circuit, and of the Governor and Lady Young on their visits to Goulburn. .........

On 17th August 1867 notice was given the hotel would be conducted by J. Mandelson. In May 1869, during the ceremonies for the opening of the Railway, Earl and Lady Belmore stayed at Mandelson’s Hotel and Lady Belmore walked from Mandelson’s Hotel to Market Square (re-named Belmore Square) to plant “The Belmore Oak” which can be seen today in Belmore Park.

On 9th September 1871 George Metcalfe, M.A., High School Goulburn, advised he had leased the premises, lately known as Mandelson’s Hotel, which would in future be styled “Goulburn House”. The first quarter of the High School commenced at Goulburn House on 2.10.1871.
In January 1874 a fire destroyed the stables at the rear of Metcalfe’s High School causing nearly (P) 600 worth of damage.
Eventually the property was sold to Dr.Perry of Yass.

(This concludes exerts from “A Collection of Facts” by Ian Wood - 1.7.1848 to 31.12.1875)

From 1854 to 1858 Daniel Henry Deniehy resided in the hotel and operated his Solicitors Office from within Mandelson’s Hotel. Best known for his speech “Bunyip Aristocracy”, Deniehy was the local Member for Parliament and a strong Republican Advocate. (See “Deniehy Window” for further details.)

The hotel has had many licensees in the past but eventually ceased to hold a liquor license in 1916, after which it was used as a private hotel.

In September 1999 the building was purchased and restoration works were commenced and were largely completed by November 2001.

The current owners Claire and Steve Ayling look forward to hosting you for a wonderful Goulburn experience.



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